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it’s so it’s so uh paradigm shifting for us because we’re so used to being so polarized and being like oh these are my political beliefs and i disagree with you so we’re we don’t get along we can’t have relationship or whatever what i love about bitcoin this is my favorite thing actually is when i go to my bitcoin meetups is and you know the first time we met in person it’s like we could we can connect at that level and then everything else is kind of secondary we can almost like disagree on uh it helps like prioritize the the things that humans are engaging about and it helps us realize like most of the stuff that we hate each other about on social media aren’t that important when it comes you know relative to the bigger fish that we have to fry so you’re right bitcoin is for everybody it’s for enemies and you need to get comfortable if you want to be a part of this thing with people that you don’t like being uh also users of the network [Music] hey welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name is aaron today we’re joined with friend of the channel george mchale he is the co-author of thank god for bitcoin he’s director of marketing for btc inc which is the parent company of bitcoin magazine and bitcoin conference he is a bitcoin expert in all regards in my opinion this guy’s been in bitcoin a while he has a lot of good insight to share i want to talk to him about bitcoin in today’s video george how are you doing today i’m doing well how are you alright thanks for having me on again i’m doing great i’m looking forward to the bitcoin conference coming up um links below to that i’ll be there i hope a lot of people from our audience are going before we get into bitcoin um you know why would you give us the pitch for the bitcoin conference in miami coming up in april definitely so what’s up all coin daily good to be back uh actually a lot of your audience is coming a lot of people using that promo code so keep them coming love to see it 10 10 off yes it’s coming up quick um the question was what is the number one reason yeah i’m thinking about going why should i go i’m on the edge why should i go to bitcoin conference 2022. so our our tagline is education celebration and hyper bitcoinization so if any of those three things are uh attractive to you then you definitely don’t want to miss the the conference if you’re looking to learn about bitcoin there is going to be content for you if you’re looking to celebrate what you have already learned about bitcoin and sort of the success of bitcoin over the last 10 years there’s gonna be a lot for you and if you want to be a part of accelerating hyper bitcoinization then this is the the event to be at because we really believe that this is a pilgrimage for bitcoiners like this is a movement this is a global monetary reset of sound money and uh you know when 30 000 35 000 bitcoiners show up in one physical location what we’re doing is we’re taking ground and we are accelerating this adoption and we’re making a statement by uh all of us gathering and descending on on one city so join us in in miami beach it’s gonna be uh unforgettable uh event we’re gonna make history there’s gonna be massive announcements just like there was last year so if you’re not there in person you will definitely be hearing about what goes down hell yeah i have my ticket i’ve used the altcoin daily code in the description below i’m i’ll be there i hope you guys come up and say hi but enough about that because i’m going to record a separate one with you we’ll answer all the questions for directly about the conference in a separate interview let’s talk about bitcoin bitcoin in 2022. first of all what are your feelings about bitcoin are you still bullish man i hate to be a perma bull moon boy type but like i it’s hard not to be bullish when when you kind of have seen the events of the last really the last two years but even more recently uh what’s happened in in canada with uh people who disagree with you know the government essentially getting cut off from their bank accounts what’s happening in ukraine where um people are able to directly donate uh bitcoin to to people relief efforts on the ground like these types of things like we kind of take them for granted at this stage right we’re you know 12 13 years into this and uh we forget how you previously couldn’t do this you couldn’t just send money to the middle of a war or you couldn’t send money to people who got financially sanctioned by their governments and so i think these use cases like look i’m a director of marketing so uh i i get like advertising and all that kind of stuff and these types of events are the best advertisements for bitcoin they do a much better job of of anything that that we can do as sort of professionals i guess so um i am bullish i’m uh i’m also you know it’s kind of one of those things where it’s like bitcoin’s success does coincide with some chaos in the world and so like it’s that it’s that scene from um uh from the big short where it’s like just don’t dance it’s like that right now it feels like there’s a lot to be uh excited about but unfortunately you know it’s the backdrop is not so good i don’t think it’s like bitcoin is causing the chaos but bitcoin actually is a lifeboat too or an antidote to what’s what’s happening and i don’t know i kind of feel like in you know bitcoin’s 13-year history it used to be just like one thing a year like uh using bitcoin for wikileaks because their payment uh was cut off and they’d use bitcoin or maybe like uh silk road or or maybe like one business like overstock accepting bitcoin and now it’s just like ukraine and russia and canada and the truckers and all these things are just happening and inflation and all this stuff just happening it’s it does kind of seem like bitcoin still is is uh needed and the fact that all this stuff is happening at once is uh i just think it’s interesting now totally is there from the ukraine thing or the canada thing is there one thing in particular that you really think of bitcoin bitcoin was is really can rise above here yeah i think so if you look back at bitcoin’s history and you remember the the wikileaks thing happened and wikileaks was like the first major flash point in bitcoin and it was when satoshi was still around and um satoshi infamously was like oh no we’ve you know kicked the hornet’s nest i can’t remember the exact quote but um he was kind of worried about it was like too early in bitcoin’s history for for all that attention i think what we’re seeing now with i think canada specifically and just how quickly they came down on peaceful protesters and started cutting off uh bank accounts of you know grandmothers donating forty dollars to uh to these protests that that level of financial sensory censorship at the government level i think is it’s just amazing to look back at wikileaks versus now and realize like okay now we’re actually ready and um you know there’s some things that we learned i think along the way i think the distribution process of bitcoin was a learning point we’re not bitcoiners as a community we’re not we’re not perfect obviously uh so we have some things to to iron out but um i’m most excited about how again how how good of a advertisement that was for bitcoin like hey the money in your bank account your fiat bank account isn’t actually yours the government can decide that they don’t like you and shut you down to later today right so um i don’t know if i’m like excited about that it’s kind of like for me personally i’m like oh dude i got to get my stuff together i got to learn more about the privacy features of bitcoin um but it was definitely a wake-up call and and a um real-time advertisement for how powerful bitcoin can be and i just think like you know sometimes i hear people with you know in my opinion half-baked critiques like oh you know bitcoin’s getting political because you know they think the truckers are of a of a certain political side um but i just think like you know this could happen if you think that the trucker thing is maybe more of a conservative thing which i don’t necessarily think it is but if you think that you know the same thing could happen for uh like a black lives matter protest or maybe like if this person like trump was in office they cut off the funding you know bitcoin is here for uh for everybody just like people say that putin could use bitcoin to avoid sanctions in russia but you know the ukrainians are currently using it to help their funding so it’s you know it works for works for everybody who needs it amen yeah bitcoin is for enemies and that it’s so it’s so uh paradigm shifting for us because we’re so used to being so polarized and being like oh these are my political beliefs and i disagree with you so we’re we don’t get along we can’t have relationship or whatever what i love about bitcoin this is my favorite thing actually is when i go to my bitcoin meetups is and you know the first time we met in person it’s like we could we can connect at that level and then everything else is kind of secondary we can almost like disagree on uh it helps like prioritize the the things that humans are engaging about and it helps us realize like most of the stuff that we hate each other about on social media aren’t that important when it comes you know relative to the bigger fish that we have to fry so you’re right bitcoin is for everybody it’s for enemies and you need to get comfortable if you want to be a part of this thing with people that you don’t like being uh also uh users of the network [Music] now talk to me about being a bitcoiner and specifically would you describe yourself as a you know bitcoin maximalist or bitcoin maximalish or i mean there is that strong community of you know people who are only bitcoin most of them are good people some of them can be toxic i think the vast majority are great people but uh talk to me about you know why you’re a bitcoin only type person or how you see see that in general yeah so i definitely think there’s a spectrum and um the way i like to describe it so so co-wrote the the book thank god for bitcoin i have like a church pastor background um super interesting side conversation we should talk about it sometime but i do look at sort of this conversation through an evangelical uh or evangelist i should say lens right and the way i describe it is um i like to try to be seeker sensitive and that what that means is there are people out there who have no idea what bitcoin is who are just learning about crypto and some bitcoin maximalists might come along and say oh you’re just a [ _ ] coiner or whatever and my approach is more like well does that person who is you know just trying to figure out the ecosystem do they even know what you mean when you say [ _ ] coiner because i have my doubts um i know when i first started in bitcoin uh in 2017 i sort of dabbled in a bunch of different coins and where i found myself going was those are not that interesting to me personally um i’d like to describe you know all coins and everything outside of bitcoin as like look if you’re a trader uh that’s probably cool it’s you know i just it’s not for me uh or if you’re a gambler frankly like if you like to just be like hey i’m gonna throw some money over here and see what happens like great um i don’t i don’t come as um hard on like the moral sort of judgment of like oh you’re a [ _ ] coiner so you need to like dismiss you out of pocket i i i’ll make some exceptions for people who like who do like legitimately promote scams there are like legit scams in the space that need to be called out need to be addressed and confronted but i don’t i don’t think that it’s like the type of thing where we need to uh be overly i guess judgmental for lack of a better word i think what needs to happen is people need to be educated people we need to have conversations with people again most people that you call [ _ ] coiner don’t know they’re a quote-unquote [ __ ] pointer so that’s kind of my approach so am i a bitcoin maximalist i only hold bitcoin so whatever that means i understand what bitcoin where bitcoin maximus are coming from and i actually would say even the most extreme people on the spectrum the toxic bitcoin maximalist i equate them to kind of just use this analogy further to like the the fire and brimstone type preacher who’s like if you don’t repent you’re going to hell right there’s something that you’ve got to appreciate about the conviction of that fire and brimstone preacher who’s like this is what he like believes right like get your life right or if you die you’re gonna be very sad and you’re gonna hell like whatever like theological conversation you wanna have about that but that my point is there is a spectrum and i find myself trying to be again seeker sensitive that’s why i come on your show you know i think i think a lot of people in your audience are probably just curious and they don’t necessarily make the distinction between bitcoin and everything else uh and unless we talk about it like there’s just you know these conversations aren’t taking place do you think that in the past couple years and every cycle something like this happens but particularly in the last couple years you know ethereum and other like open source data platforms so gain popularity nfts have gained popularity the meme coins like dogecoin gained popularity in you know if nothing but speculation some of them do you think stuff like that helps people get turned onto bitcoin hurts people coming into bitcoin or has you know no great effect on it yeah that’s a great question so i think that it helps in the on the longer it helps people like eventually get to bitcoin in other words i think it’s a bit of a gateway drug so it helps in the sense that if you’re if you’re me from my perspective i want people to to realize that bitcoin is its own unique thing and there’s something special like going on with it and so if somebody stumbles upon bitcoin through the ethereum rabbit hole or through the dogecoin rabbit hole or they see elon tweeting about it or whatever and they’re like what’s this and then eventually they find their way to bitcoin to me that’s helpful um i’m also very anti-like you know government intervention and regulation and stuff so i don’t think the answer is like oh we need to crack down on all these you know there’s too much chaos it’s the wild west or whatever so i think there there is this tension of like the wild west is good the free market is figuring itself out uh people just need to kind of just find their way to bitcoin and maybe it’s going to be painful along the way right because you know most people didn’t have a good time with dogecoin um and and so like i just think that um at the end of the day my whole thing with with the entire ecosystem is like what i what i wish would happen is that the people who are idle ideologically aligned that we need a monetary revolution the fiat system is broken that we need sound money that we need to get the the money printer out of the control of central bankers there’s a lot of us in the broader sort of crypto space who are aligned on that but i feel like our attention and our focus and our work is so divided amongst all of these projects and i feel like if we can all kind of come together uh on and build on on bitcoin that’s the ultimate dream so is that you know to uh optimistic probably but again i think uh if if if there wasn’t somebody who was trying to educate me on bitcoin then you know i probably wouldn’t be here so i’m just trying to kind of pay it forward mm-hmm what are your thoughts for let’s let’s get to the obligatory price prediction question what are your thoughts for 2022 like are you you’re bullish on bitcoin how bullish are you george i mean look i got my price prediction so wrong last year that i hesitate to even put a number on it what i’m learning is that the having actually really matters and when people say it’s priced in it’s it doesn’t seem like it is priced in so i’m more like confident bullish on the next halving cycle that we’re going to see exponential growth just like we have historically but i would be shocked if we did not hit 100k by the end of this year and uh and hopefully much higher but again i said that last year so take that with a grain of salt totally that’s kind of bullish so nobody wants to give a price prediction we’ve had plenty of bitcoiners and crypto people on i always ask them you know especially bitcoiners give us the price prediction they all just roll their eyes because they don’t like you know just thinking like will clemente who’s a great guy and an analyst he didn’t want to give the price prediction because the market was down and yeah dude i think that’s bullish though that no surprise okay easy again yeah still got my laser eyes nice uh any final thoughts on bitcoin or any final thoughts for the altcoin daily audience um you know just just keep uh keep tuning in keep researching and i think um check out the book honestly if you’re if you’re into understanding sort of the moral implications which is really the our argument in the book is that the fiat system is broken and we spend probably 80 percent of the book just talking about the current monetary system and then the last two chapters talking about why bitcoin is the solution so those would be my final thoughts so i don’t have to be that religious to get value out of the book no not at all in fact i’m not even that religious i don’t go to church or anything like that anymore i used to be a pastor so i understand the bible and the jesus narrative and all those things and i still find a lot of value in sort of having a moral compass in terms of just really practical tools for humanity like you know don’t kill people don’t steal all that kind of stuff is still helpful and so when you apply sort of biblical principles to how we’re living life today there’s a lot of parallels with bitcoin i love it check out the book get the book uh meet up with george and i at the conference ten percent off get your tickets below and uh 100k guaranteed this year straight from george’s mouth thank you just kidding thank you george oh and everybody make sure we’re going to drop a video very soon george is going to answer all your questions about the conference being released within less than a week from this video so make sure you tune in for that one too i’ll link it below eventually but anyways thanks guys thanks george thank you like the video everybody if you’re still listening like the video all right

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