How To Make An Instagram Account Private

Instagram is a platform that allows the world to view your every move. From capturing moments in life, or just posting pictures online for friends and family members alike; Instagram can give you great exposure! It seems like everyone has their own account these days so having one will definitely help with attracting new followers who may want more info on what’s going on inside of somebody else’s head.

The benefits of having an Insta-famous personality don’t stop at getting easily seen by all those interested viewers out there – it could lead potential clients as well if marketing strategies were employed correctly.

You may not want all of your Instagram posts visible to the public, but that’s where “Private” settings come in. With these options you can limit who sees what on the site and make hashtags hidden from searches if needed for security purposes with ease! We’ve got seven tips below which will help keep things extra-private:
1) Log into an incognito version of Chrome or Firefox browser2) Clear browsing data3a ) Use private profiles4 , Sign out completely5a Close other open tabs6 Turn off location services7A Generate new passwordsIf none are working then here’s another idea – install Privacy Badger extension

How to Make an Instagram Account Private on an iPhone

If you want to set your profile private on Instagram, follow these steps:
Open up the app and tap your name in the top right corner. From there select “Settings” from that popup menu of menus available at bottom left when viewing this page (or simply click Settings if already opened). Next choose Privacy settings by pressing on it’s respective button which would be blue with three vertical dots next too its head; make sure enabled slider reads Private Account otherwise change back using drop down list above before saving any changes made! Once done making adjustments close outta everything including pop ups which should appear after finishing configuring privacy mode–this

How to Make an Instagram Account Private on an Android Device

To make sure your Instagram account is private, follow the steps below.
Open up Instagram on your Android device and tap profile icon at bottom right of screen (or top in portrait mode). From there select settings from pop-up menu that appears when you click “hamburger” button in upper left corner; next go to Privacy section and find Private Account switch which has blue mark beside it meaning enabled for testing purposes only – just shake out this setting so we can keep things hidden away until they want their feed public once more! Confirmation window will appear asking if user would like Switch To Private Profile option turned On or Off…set selection lightly between these two options by clicking anywhere outside box where boxes should already

How to Make an Instagram Account Private on a PC

If you want to make your Instagram profile private with the web version on your PC, follow these steps:
Visit and sign in to your account using any device that has Internet access such as a desktop computer or laptop–no matter where it is located geographically! When logged into instagram navigate over top right corner of screen which says “IGTV” then select settings from drop down menu at bottom left side; go all way across this page until we come upon privacy & security tab (top). Next find box beside Private Account labeled YES if present otherwise NO—choose correctly so there’s no mistake about what you’re trying do

Make Your Instagram Experience Private

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, but it can be frustrating to have your account set public by default. This means anyone with access to view and follow you on Instagram will know who you are without any privacy settings in place! If this doesn’t sound so appealing for personal matters or work related content that must remain exclusive between certain people only then consider creating a private account instead. When setting up an SSL-secured profile (available at no extra charge), users get total control over their profiles whether they want more followers viewing posts publicly, disabling activity status updates altogether–or even approving tagged photos before they go live onto other user’s feeds – just not tags applied by existing friends/followers

What is your favorite thing about being on Instagram? Do you use the social media platform for work, play or both of those things. Let us know in the comments section below!

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