How to Make Instagram Reels Like a PRO!

this video is everything you need to

know about instagram reels instagram’s

answer to tick tocks shorter form videos

we’re going to cover exactly how to make

instagram reels including how to use and

upload your videos as reels simple tips

and tricks to increase your views and my

top video editing apps and tools for

iphone and android all designed to help

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well now comparing reels to instagram

stories which are limited to 15 seconds

and disappear after 24 hours reels are

vertical videos as well but they can be

up to 60 seconds in length and they

don’t disappear giving you that benefit

of having a piece of content you’re

creating that can stick around and bring

you impact and value for a long time

after you create it now reels really do

need to be created in that portrait

format as well and for best results when

you’re posting them i’m going to share

some tips a little later on so that

important stuff doesn’t get cropped off

now compared to tick-tock the two of

them are very similar tik-tok right now

does support up to three-minute videos

and this is something that maybe reels

will be increased to that at some point

as well but for right now your maximum

video length with reels is 60 seconds

but apart from that the two are very

similar they’ve both got a lot of

effects and filters and music and stuff

that you can use to create short sharp

engaging videos and that’s really the

real benefit of the real draw card with

this type of content short sharp

engaging bingeable content that people

can consume quickly now in terms of

creating reels you’ve really got two

main options you can do the entire

process just within the instagram app so

i’m going to show you that first but

option number two is to use more

professional third-party apps which will

give you more advanced controls and

customizability and really let you get

more creative with your editing allowing

you to create more professional reels so

i’ll cover those ones off second to

create reels in the app itself there’s a

few ways you can access it you can swipe

across from the left and you can see

that we’re now in the instagram camera

down the bottom you’ve got the option

there for reels and pressing that is

going to allow you to make reels from

here if we back out of this now hitting

the x at the top the other way that you

can get to this is by hitting the little

plus button up the top and then down the

very bottom you can select reels i’m on

camera again or if we go back one more

time the third place is if you select

the dedicated reels button down the

bottom middle of the screen then you’ve

got a camera button in the top right

hand corner if you press that it’s going

to take you to the same place now in

here the first thing you want to set is

your video length so we can see that

here on the side and we’ve got the

option of 15 seconds 30 seconds or 60

seconds now even if you select 60

seconds start recording your video and

you’re not maxing it out it’s under 60

seconds then it’ll crop that down for

you so you’re better off selecting 60

seconds here instead of say 30 seconds

and then running out of time to finish

your video if it goes over now if you

want to add in music and match your

recording to the music then you can

press on the music here you can select a

lot of popular music tracks in here you

can search for them up the top there as

well and you can then select the section

of the music track that you want to

include i’m going to press the trash can

in the top left to cancel out of this

there’s also a speed button in the app

here so we see where it says one x if we

press on that we can choose the

different recording speeds so we could

record a video and have it play back in

slow motion or we can even use this to

get a little bit tricky and we can

record our movements in slow motion and

have them play back in real time so

that’s how you can see some of those

reels that seem to be perfectly timed to

music or perfectly timed dance moves

this is how they’re doing it down below

that you’ve got all your filters and

effects that you can add on hey

actually looks pretty good no it doesn’t

looks terrible get off get off and

there’s also a touch-up mode down below

that now this is really just like a

beauty mode it’s going to smooth out

your skin make you look amazing

you can press and hold on it though and

you can adjust the amount that you want

to have

looks nothing like me

so we can turn that one off there’s also

a countdown timer you can turn on so

that your videos will start recording

after a certain amount of time and the

last button down the bottom is for

aligning your camera to your previous

shot so if i press this now it’s going

to overlay where i took a quick

screenshot or a quick little clip and i

can line myself up there so when i press

record to start recording again

i’ve lined up pretty close so again a

creative tool to help you line up your

shots and make them seem more seamless

now the most important thing here though

is the record button down the bottom now

this will work two ways you can either

just tap on it and it’s going to start

recording until you tap it again and

it’s going to stop or you can press and

hold on that button down the bottom and

when you let go it’s going to create

that clip so if i press and hold on it

now then this is recording and i can see

they’ve got the countdown timer at the

top telling us how long about 60 seconds

we have left the moment that i release

then that clip is paused and we can see

on the progress bar at the top that

that’s how much we’ve recorded now i can

do the same again i can press and hold

and you can see that our countdown timer

is happening again at the top this is

recording a second clip to add on after

the first one now we have the ability

here to hit preview and to play them

both back together or we can come over

here and we can edit these down so if i

press on this little button here then we

can see our two clips down the bottom

and i can either press the trash can to

delete them or i can press the scissors

to trim them down maybe i want to trim

something off the end i can just grab

this end back

or likewise from the start so we can

easily trim down our clips here i’m

going to hit cancel on that at the top

and i’m just going to hit done on this

one here now now when you’re done

recording your videos here if you press

the preview now obviously that’s going

to play it back then here you’ve got all

the same features and effects and things

that you have when you’re posting a

regular instagram story to add in text

to draw add in stickers and gifs effects

voiceover music and the last button

there is to download and save a backup

version of your clip now that’s a good

idea if you’re looking to repurpose what

you’ve just shot to another platform

without any of these texts and effects

and things on now if we go next on this

one here then this is where we can post

and share this out as a reel we have the

ability to add in a caption add text

here we can tap on our cover image there

and we can go through and we can pick

out the perfect frame that we want to

use as our cover image for this reel or

we also have the ability and a lot of

people miss this right down the bottom

we can upload an image from our camera

roll so if we press on this we can go

through and pick an image that we want

to use let’s pick this picture of

russell we can then have that as our

cover image or thumbnail image for our

reel so if we go done now then that’s

applied now you also have the option

here to also share your reel onto your

instagram feed we can turn that on or

off here and if you are going to do that

then that’s going to go out as a square

image so you have the option here to

crop your profile image down so you can

see it’s given us a display here this

was our entire image we can just pick

the section that we want or we can even

scale it up if we want to make it a more

compelling instagram image that’s going

to go on our feed we can also tag people

in our reel we can come down here under

advanced settings and also add a paid

partnership label if you’re going to be

doing branded content and then from here

you can either share it out or you can

save it as a draft now one thing to be

aware of if you are going to be posting

your reels onto your feed

is how they’re actually displayed so

when you’re viewing them in the real

section you can see that they are full

screen but if you go back and view them

on your profile you can see that we’re

getting a four by five aspect ratio here

so it’s cropping off the top and the

bottom so you want to keep this in mind

because if someone is previewing this

way without actually tapping into view

at full screen they might be missing off

what you’ve got on the top and the

bottom so any text that you’re adding

you want to make sure it’s within that

area so that’s option number one just

using the instagram app now to kick

things up a notch and get more

creativity more control and higher

quality out of the videos you’re

creating and this is where you can use

some third party or aftermarket apps for

both filming and editing your reels now

we’ve done full breakdowns on the best

filming apps the best editing apps on

both android and ios and i’ll link those

down in the description below but in

terms of the best all-rounders for

creating instagram reels for filming you

really can’t go past filmic pro you

could think of this like your built-in

camera app but on steroids this is going

to allow you to create your vertical

videos with so much more control and

higher quality than you’ll get out of

the built-in camera app and the

instagram camera app as well you better

do things like lock down your shutter

speed lock down your iso rack focus to

change the focus while you’re recording

adjust volume levels change up the

picture profiles of your recording to

really dial in the look and feel of the

video you’re creating essentially

unlocking dslr like settings on your

phone now probably the biggest thing you

won’t have in filmic pro that you did

have in the instagram app was the

ability to pause your recording and just

to quickly go back and remove things on

the fly with this workflow though

instead you’ll be recording either a lot

of separate clips or one really big clip

and doing your editing down afterwards

in your editing app now in terms of the

best editing apps to use then to edit

down your footage that you’ve just shot

in filmic pro if you’re looking for the

most professional app on ios that really

goes hands down to lumafusion but it is

going to be over complicated for a lot

of people it’s really a very

professional app on android probably the

closest thing to it right now would be

kinemaster or kinemaster but in terms of

the best all-rounder for someone who is

an absolute beginner right through to

someone who is more advanced i would

suggest checking out vn video editor or

cut both of those are really easy to use

they’re both free and they both pack in

a ton of features now i have full video

editing walkthroughs on this channel for

both cap cut and vn video editor and

they’ll be in the description below as

well but this is what you’ll see when

you open up vn video editor you just

want to hit down the bottom on the plus

to create a new project and then select

new project you then want to select your

video clips that you want to edit down

and press the next button down the

bottom and then we can go through and we

can edit this together we can pick up

and we can move clips around we can tap

on a clip and we can adjust again the

start time or the end time just by

dragging those yellow handles around if

we’re playing through we want to cut a

clip in half we can press the scissors

down the bottom to split a clip into we

could even add another cut and we could

delete that middle section entirely by

pressing the trash can so you can easily

go through trim down your footage remove

all the stuff that you don’t want really

sharpen up and create your refined video

in here with so much more control and so

much more features than you have in the

instagram app you’ve got the ability to

speed up and to slow down your clips to

add in filters and effects to change how

your video looks and even apply

transitions and effects to take your

videos to the next level now if you’re

editing your videos down this way

there’s two great resources which will

help you take your videos to the next

level the first one is place it this is

an amazing online service that will let

you easily create video animations video

intros animated text and graphics you

can easily then drag and drop into your

videos and the second one is storyblocks

this is another amazing online service

that gives you access to so much b-roll

or stock footage so that you don’t need

to go and shoot everything yourself

there is a massive library of video

clips that you can download and use in

your videos to help make them more

engaging so these are two services that

i highly recommend and they’re going to

help you make your videos look even

better so once you’ve edited down your

video just do a quick check before you

save it out to make sure that there is

no end screen or watermark or branding

saved on it with some of these free apps

so we can see we’ve got one here we just

want to hit delete on that to make sure

that’s gone we then want to save it out

so we come up the top here to export and

then come down the bottom to export

that’s going to go ahead and save our

video out for us so we can then jump

back over to instagram open up our reels

section as if we’re going to create an

instagram reel but instead of hitting

record down the bottom left we can

select a video from our phone and select

the video that we just edited down then

we can come up the top and press add we

actually still have the ability then to

add in music and effects and things if

you haven’t done it already we can then

preview that and again adding any text

stickers captions anything else that you

want to add to that hit next and you’re

posting it just the same as you’re

posting a regular reel so this is a

great way as i said to help you to get

really creative with both your filming

and your editing without the need to

just be locked into what instagram is

giving you for your reels and you can

still mix it up and integrate a lot of

those reels features into your videos as

well so those are your options for

creating amazing looking instagram reels

now if you’re interested in leveling up

your filming on your smartphone then

check out the two videos that are linked

on screen a complete step-by-step

process for creating amazing looking

videos using your iphone and android

device you can then save out and use in

your reels as well i’ll see you in the

next one

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