Top 5 Secret instagram tips 2022

Guys if you watch today’s video till the end then open Instagram and watch anyone’s story,

they won’t know that you have watched their story.

your name won’t show in the seen section and this will be a trick without using any external application, okay?

and with that, without using any external apps you can create and send these types of boomerangs to impress anyone

It is also possible. And how to increase your instagram followers organically, i will also reveal that

this trick will be related to the type of thing that’s going on these days.

So from this you got to know that, today’s video will cover 5 amazing, cool, secret Instagram tips and tricks.

each trick is better than the other and you might know some of the tricks but i am damn sure there are 2 or 3 tricks

which you will first get to know today.

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So hello friends, I am Akash and you are watching Technical Sky youtube channel. Lets go ahead.

So by applying this first Instagram trick you can hide any of the posts like pictures or videos on your profile

without deleting them, sounnds interesting right?

I know that, sometimes we post something, which we should not have posted

maybe posting it later would be fine but we did it don’t know why

and you don’t want to delete it, just like i did once, like in my instagram profile, Technical Sky , handle.

there i posted a picture with my friends circle recently but now you can’t see that post

because i hid it, we don’t delete. They’re my friends right.

So what happened is that, my friends were getting dm’s like if they know me, and to share my number

this and that, so my friends were facing problems so what i did is i hid it cause i can’t delete it

so the point is that how did i hide it? It’s very simple you don’t have to do anything

whatever photo or video you want to hide in your profile, first open it

after opening it, you can see a three dot here tap on it and now you can see an archive option

tap on it and BOOM you can see your post has disappeared or removed whatever.

So the work is done now, right? No wait, it’s left. We hid it, now how to unhide it? It’s very simple

first open your profile, you can see a three horizontal line, tap on it

after tapping you can see that a page has opened and at the top you can see a post archive option

tap on it and now you can see a stories archive option above, tap on it and you can see

that a pop up showed below, tap on the stories archive option and now you can see the post that you archived to hide

is showing here. You open it and then tap on the three dots then tap on ” show on profile”

then the hidden posts will start reflecting again on your profile section.

It is a very basic trick but it is very useful

i know it because i did it. And with the help of the next trick you can read anyones messages

without being seen. I mean, the person who messaged you won’t be know if you had seen it or not

and for this you know you have to use a different application

like the unseen or like the various applications that are available in the playstore

we waste our RAM and without any reason install such apps in our phone but why? Why should we do it?

i’m here right? It is a bit lengthy process, you don’t have to do much

suppose someone is sending you messages but you have an attitude and don’t want to make the messages seen

but you are also anxious to see the messages then

you don’t have to do anything, you just search and find out the instagram handle of the person who is messaging you

open their profile and then tap on the three dots option and tap on restrict and it’s done.

This action won’t block the profile but it will be redirected to the message requests section

due to this, unless you don’t approve the messages or approve the profile

or accept, whatever until then you can easily read the messages and they won’t even know

because it won’t show as seen to them

and later if you feel empathetic towards them then please accept the message request and reply

and one more benefit of restriction is that if any of your friend writes anything funny in your posts

and you don’t like the things they comment, they’re friends right so you have to endure

and if you have already restricted them then whatever they comment on that particular post can only be seen by you

and your friend who wrote the comment and no one else

and if you want the comment to be seen by others then you have to approve the comment

you can try, it’s fun and more thing, suppose this friend of yours

is costantly sending you these messages and deleting them so how many times will you restrict and accept right?

So there is an app called Instant Saver, not sponsored, you have to go through the trouble of installing this app

the amount of messages they send you will be reflected in the application

because it tracks the notifications thats why and when you read the messages it won’t show as seen to him.

And the next trick isn’t actually a trick but it’s a very good upddate that first came in ios devices

but now it made it’s way to android devices regarding instagram

and that update is that you can add any image and as many as you want into stories

you don’t have to do much, the picture you want to post or just capture a black picture

then go to stickers option and scroll down to see a plus button and when you tap on it,

it will reflect every picture in your gallery and you can add any picture from here

and you can generate very creative posts. It could have been done before this feature even came to ios

it was made possible by the swiftkey application, i mean first time and it was long ago

but now that the feature is here why would we install other app for no reason?

whatever it is, i liked it and you can try apply, i saw that some of you, a lot of you people aren’t using it

use it, you can create amazing stories.

Alright, now the next trick, using this trick, if you chat with any of your friend, chatting

so when you chat, you can send them these types of GIF’s or boomerangs whatever, you can generate animated stickers

without using extra applications, and you can send them and gain impression.

you don’t have to do much, to do this you just have to keep your instagram ID or profile in normal mode.

And if you converted it into a business account then there is no benefit because it won’t work

your profile has to be normal and to show you guys how i did it, i had to create an extra instagram profile.

You don’t have to do much, a sticker option must be showing here in the chat section

and after you tap on it, you can see a selfie icon or whatever, just tap on it

and now you can see with that your front camera has opened and your background has also changed

like green screen and here love reaction is available or whatever it is, your eyes will do this

and then you can cry, be happy or whatever there is

so that you can generate a feeling to match the structure of your chat or conversation and show them

as you can see i’ve sent here and it looks realy nice.

This feature isn’t new, it came long ago and a lot of people might know about it but i liked it very much

Such a new thing, hehe.

And with that if you want to generate such type of animations on your text messages. You can. It’s very simple.

First write your message, done? You are very fast

after writing, you can see a search option , tap on it,

what will happen is that many animations will be shown to you regarding whatever you wrote in the message,

with this feature you can make the conversation very interesting which is really a good thing

and if someone asks you, how do you do this amazing tricks, then you know what to do right.

Now the next trick, like how do we watch stories without letting the user know

it’s simple, you don’t have to do much, suppose a story of any guy or girl is showing in front of you

first open the stories next to it and after opening, you know right what story you’re going to see prior to that

so slide the story behind that, like this and you can see from the corner whats there in that story

or you will see the first page for the first time and because of that the owner of the story won’t know

and if you want to see the remaining stories as well because you are only able to see the first page now right?

and if you want to see the rest of the stories then it’s very simple

there is a site called , open it and then put the insta handle of the user who’s story you want to see

when it’s done, BOOM, you can see that it’s showing you the recent stories one after another

and you can also download them, as simple as that.

Now coming to the main thing, how to increase our followers.

let’s not talk about mine, you guys don’t follow and what’s in the back? This?

Ohh, okay, BlACK MAGIC.

loud gunshot noises

So the main topic is that how do we increase followers at today’s time?

there are several websites, many tricks and methods which you can

organically, no can’t say organically,

spending money to buy followers and then going to register on some websites to destroy your profile

and many more methods are there like putting girls pictures as profile pictures

you can never create your own identity doing that okay?

Do one thing, reels are trending nowadays and i have also started and you will know if you are following me

and if you aren’t following me then you can go and check.

So reels, the more you upload reels, it should be informative, it’s okay if it isn’t

making reels is very simple , i have an idea cause i made them and you can include a lot in it in a short time

if you can include that is, the chances of reels going viral is very high.

I’ve seen many of my known intsagrammers, instagram users making reels and the followers increased a lot in months

so with good knowledge, good quality and using good tags if you keep posting regularly

then your followers will definitely increase, damn sure

because this is working nowadays boss, the rest i don’t know

because why would i promote something which is not secure?

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