The World’s 20 Strongest Militaries

The world’s 20 strongest militaries is a list that ranks the top countries by their military strength. This ranking is based on factors such as a number of soldiers, defense budget and equipment. Countries are ranked from 1 to 20, with the country in first place being the most powerful military force in the world. The United States has been ranked as having the strongest military for about 100 years now.

Indonesia Militaries

The Indonesian military placed above Canada due its high numbers of active personnel and its relatively large number of tanks. The military, however, suffers from a lack of carriers and aircraft, as well as a minute number of submarines.

Canada Militaries

The Canadian military has been ranked in the top 20 for most years within the past 50 years; it is currently at 19th place with 176 battle-ready ships (aircraft carriers) but only six fighter jets to fly on them. Its total active personnel stands around 90 000 people while approximately 15% or 13 billion dollars is spend annually on defense which ranks Canada’s defence budget among one of highest in world rankings . It also possesses nuclear weapons which can be bought by other countries who wish.

German military

The German military ended up low on the list due to their lack of power projection platforms. Germany does not have an aircraft carrier and has relatively few submarines which, according to the Credit Suisse methodology, drops its ranking.

But Germany does have a fair number of attack helicopters. Recently, the country has started considering offering military support to eastern European NATO members.

Poland Militaries

Poland has increased its military spending by almost 20% in response to Russia’s seizure of Crimea and the ongoing Ukraine crisis. The Polish military is currently ranked at 16th place, just behind Germany – one rank higher than last year due an increase in active personnel numbers.

The country also possesses nuclear weapons which can be bought by other countries who wish. Poland has a relatively large number of tanks (over 100) but lacks aircraft carriers and submarines; it does have many attack helicopters however. China Militaries

China was ranked as having the world’s second strongest militaries based on their possession of over 200 000 soldiers that are fully capable at any given time with well-out.

China military

China lacks a strong air force and has only one aircraft carrier, which is not even home to any fighter jets.

China also scores low on the list due its lack of submarines as well as many attack helicopters. The country does have nuclear weapons though it can be bought by other countries who wish them. India Militaries

India is currently ranked third out of 125 countries in terms of military strength with over 980 000 active personnel at their disposal but they do suffer from a small budget compared to that number as well as few tanks, aircraft carriers and fighters planes available for use. In addition to this, India’s navy doesn’t possess an actual ship capable of carrying more than ten people; they plan on building three ships however – two will.

France Militaries

Ranked fourth, France has a total of 238 000 soldiers and possesses nuclear weapons which can be bought by other countries who wish them.

The country does however lack in carriers; it only possess four for its navy while having one ship that is capable of carrying over ten people – this limits the number of fighters planes available to fly off these ships.

Spain Militaries Spain currently ranks fifth out 125 and like France lacks power projection platforms (aircraft carriers), submarines and fighter jets but instead boasts an impressive air force with many attack helicopters at their disposal. The military also scores high on tank numbers due to Spain’s size though its active personnel count comes in low compared to others. Italy Militaries Ranked sixth,


Italy has a total of 228 000 active personnel at its disposal and also possesses many attack helicopters; it currently lacks aircraft carriers, submarines as well as fighter jets however. Though Italy did recently purchase four new F-35B Lightning II fighters which allows the country to operate from their ships (two of them).

United Kingdom Militaries Ranked number seven due to big numbers of tanks and aircrafts, the United Kingdom’s military is currently capable of using over 160 armed drones along with possessing nuclear weapons available for other countries who wish them. The country does have one ship that can carry over ten people but doesn’t posses an actual carrier or submarine – though both are in development stages. Turkey Militaries With much smaller spending than Britain on defense annually

, Turkey is ranked eight due to having the world’s largest active personnel for their military after China, United States and India – at least until recently when Russia boosted its own numbers.

Turkey also has a strong air force including many attack helicopters but lacks in much else compared to other countries listed above it. Germany Militaries Ranked nine out of 125 countries, Germany does have one aircraft carrier which can hold over ten people along with possessing nuclear weapons available for purchase by others wishing them. The country also boasts an impressive tank fleet despite being relatively small in size; though they do lack in both submarines as well as fighter jets however. South Korea Militaries Ranked number ten due to their possession of 100 000 soldiers that are actively used at all times plus

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