Why is My Laptop so Slow and 9 Ways How do You Fix

If your computer is running slow, don’t worry! I’m here to help. When you start using a new laptop for the first time or upgrading from an older machine with slower internals – things can get sluggish in terms of startup speed and overall responsiveness. The culprit behind this slowness has multiple causes including software issues on your operating system which need fixing along with hardware problems related to RAM (or not enough), GPU memory allocation/caching schemes that may have become corrupted overtime thanks too many intense graphics applications being loaded at once by mistake while trying fix one particular issue…but rest assured knowing all these topics are rather easy & straightforward fixes so long as they’re dealt wit quickly before anything else bad happens

7 Reasons Why is My Laptop Slow and How I Fix it?

Your computer is slow. Here are some reasons why:
1) You have a lot of programs open at once and they’re all running in the background, which takes up more memory than you think it does;
2) It might be time for an update or clean install on your operating system (OS). Sometimes going back to version “b” can make things work better because newer versions often come with bugs we didn’t know about before-hand—the best example being Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming out last July 2015! And finally
3), dust buildup inside YOUR laptop could cause performance issues as well

Too Many Start-Up Apps are Running

There are two ways to deal with this problem, the first being in system settings. While you install any application on your computer there will be an option for whether or not it should start up when logging into Windows and accidentally selecting “yes” just does tip over these extra processes that can take up all available memory without even using them because they’re running automatically by default each time we boot our machine!

The best way however would have us get rid of those pesky startup programs altogether; luckily MS has made steps towards doing so starting early next year (or earlier)? With Update 3 coming out soonish I recommend everyone check if their existing antivirus program is compatible now before anything else happens–it may cost less than having

How to close the startup program?

To save system resources, it is much necessary to identify the start-up apps which are not needed for startup.
Go into “Task Manager” by searching Windows Search and opening up a new window; click on Start Up under Tasks in order to open all applications that you may have disabled earlier with one click (this will only list those entitled). Now find any unnecessary program or app installed on your device–they can be found next time when trying manually launch them through Startup Settings if there’s ever need of using these again after removing whatever was causing their presence originally! Repeat this process until none remain uninstalled – now check how fast your computer runs

Too many Unnecessary Programs Running in the Backend

One of the most common causes for slow performance on laptops is multitasking. If you have an old, underpowered system with basic configurations then this problem will become apparent as your laptop struggles to maintain 2 apps at once or more without slowing down significantly.
I’ve personally experienced how trying out different tasks in iTunes while watching TV caused significant lag when opening new windows ultimately led me having difficulty playing games later because they couldn’t keep up!

How to kill the process in Laptop?

The Task Manager window shows you which apps are running, and how much memory they’re using. The new interface makes it easy to close programs that take up too many resources without closing other desktop applications or hibernating your computer–which can affect performance!
It’s important for IT professionals like me (and maybe even non-tech people!) know these tricks because we need ways around having tons of closed windows on our screens every day at work; but now there is one less thing I have worry about: keeping track with what processes my coworkers use vs not using them themselves…

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